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Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits is a twelve-hour marathon between 12pm and 12am, Friday 29th November 2019, organised in the shadow of the sold-out Spilt Milk Festival. With 24,000 expected visitors to our town for the music festival on 30th November, we are working on celebrating our eclectic buildings, amazing locations and merging them with myriad of musical performers. This is your chance to be a part of our twelve-hour music, performance, art and food festival of central locations in Ballarat.

Regardless of whether you’re a cafe, a laundromat, a bookshop or a club or pub, we’re encouraging you to host a music gig of your own. If you’re a musician, performer, artist or creative, we want you to also take part. In return we can provide you with advice on pulling together an event, as well as promotion and marketing support by carrying your event or gig on our promotional materials and in our outreach. If you don’t know a musician, or need help finding a performer or a venue to perform in, let us know below and we might be able to link you with those who are keen to hear from you.

Let us link you up to be part of Fringe Benefits 2019.

Make the most of our live music push, and join us in establishing Fringe Benefits. Submit your event before 30th August 2019.

High Havoc

High Havoc




A twelve hour celebration of live, local music in weird and wonderful spaces, held in the shadow of the Spilt Milk music festival.


For one weekend only we’ll have thousands of people in our city, and this is our chance to show them the breadth of live music and amazing locations we have. It’s a chance for businesses and venues to host a musician, and encourage patronage.

how do businesses and venues benefit?

We’re encouraging locations who traditionally host performances, as well as those who don’t, to consider hosting a gig for a minimum of two hours during Fringe Benefits. Tell us about your planned performance or event and we’ll ensure you’re included in all marketing and promotional materials for the Fringe. Your event will be listed online and published in hard-copy maps - telling visitors when your event is on, whether there is an entry fee or ticket. Let us know the type of music you’re hosting, and we’ll highlight your business and space.

are there any costs to participate in Fringe benefits?

No. There are no costs to participate.

do i have to pay my musicians and performers?

Yes. We encourage you to pay your musicians and performers and recommend you use the rates calculator supported by the Musicians Union as a guide.

I don’t know any musicians or performers

If you need assistance in securing a musician or a performer, we can provide a list of local artists and musicians. Simply complete the form below, and we will get in touch with you.

Will the council contribute to my performance and musician costs?

No. We are investing heavily in the promotion and support of venues and businesses, and in lifting the profile of performers and musicians in the city. We will be supporting you by running marketing programs, publicity and providing you with promotional assets that will work to support your business or venue.

i’m a musician and i want to put myself forward for the fringe

Complete the form below, and we’ll add you to our list of available suppliers and performers.

As a musician am i guaranteed to be booked for FRINGE BENEFITS?

No. We can’t guarantee that we can secure you a booking for a location who is taking part in the Fringe. We can circulate your details to interested businesses and venues, but we can’t request that they book you. That is the decision of the venue.

As a musician, how can i ensure i am paid correctly?

We recommend you use the rates calculator supported by the Musicians Union as a guide to help you negotiate fees with a venue.



Register your interest to list your venue or location as a partner in Fringe Benefits. If you’ve already got a gig booked, list it here. If you don’t have a performer as yet, and would like to be connected, let us know.

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I have a gig booked I would like to list for the Fringe
Got a gig booked and would like to be included in our promotion? Let us know.
I need a performer for my venue
Haven't locked in an appropriate musician for your venue? We can help by sending you a list of people who are interested in performing during the Fringe.
I'm considering putting on a special offer for visitors during the event
Have you got the capacity to provide a special offer, such as around food, drink or accommodation, to people attending the Festival? We can help promote this too


Are you a performer looking for a gig during Fringe Benefits? We can provide your details to interested venues and locations.

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I am happy to have my details circulated to venues
Live music venue, The Eastern

Live music venue, The Eastern

Ballarat Blues Festival inaugural year

Ballarat Blues Festival inaugural year